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Lahontan Properties is located in Silver Springs, Nevada.  Our office is at the intersection of Hwy 50 and 95A, two highways that intersect most of Nevada.  Highway 50 enters Nevada near Lake Tahoe and crosses Northern Nevada into Utah.  Hwy 95 is the main north/south route for travelers to and from Las Vegas from the north.

Silver Springs is a community geographically near the center of Lyon County.  One of the great things about this small town is our reservoir, Lake Lahontan.  Lake Lahontan was created by the Newlands project and collects water that irrigates the nearby city of Fallon, home of the Naval Air Station.  It also provides an excellent location for camping, fishing, water skiing, wind surfing, and boating.  Facilities are available at Lake Lahontan including boat launches, bathrooms with running water, paved roads within the state park, and many other things.  We also have Buckland Station, a historic landmark that sits on the bank of the Carson River.  Across the highway is Fort Churchill State park, another historic site.  In the mid-1800s, the army fort was constructed to house the army, who had been sent to “deal with” the Indians.  While not restored, it is being kept in a state of arrested decay.  A walking trail and interpretive center are located at the park.

The community of Silver Springs is located in a valley with mountains surrounding.  There are lots of trails for horseback riding, quads and walking.  There is a significant amount of BLM land in the area, much of it open for exploration.

Why choose Lahontan Properties?

We guarantee you trouble-free quality service with a professional team of appraisers, lenders, inspectors, and title officers and everyone else who can help make your sale a smooth one.  Our commitment to Service is in writing.  Even after you close, we’re there for you – helping you find your way in a new community, offering help from a team of home improvement specialists, and being just a phone call away when you need us.

Our Mission Statement:


Discover what we’ll do for you:

Keep in contact.  Keep you informed at each step in the buying and selling process.  Add you to our client care program and invite you to use our no-charge follow up service with referrals to proven experts for home improvement or financial needs.

If you think having investment property is a major headache – think again.  With our professional property management, its as easy as checking with the bank to see when the money got there!  There are bargains to be had, and building wealth through real estate is an excellent idea.  Listen to someone who’s been there – and still is.  We own rentals and provide management services.  We’re here to help!

Contact me:

Bruce Cook
Lahontan Properties, Inc.

Bruce’s Cell (775) 721-3943
E-Mail: lahontanproperties@earthlink.net

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